Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congrats to Sandra

Hello all! I am just taking a momenet to congratulate one of y Mini album Buddies. Her name is Sandra and she recently opened her own etsy store. She is extremely creative. We me on the (scrap) Beach and I have been an admirer of her work ever since if you have a second check out her blog http://awalkinthecloudswithsandra.blogspot.com
I have been wating to open my own Etsy store for a few months and have gotten as far as registring. I apolgize i Know some of you are anxiously awaiting the kits. Melanie I promise it will be up very soon I know you are anxiously awaiting my October kit. Thanks again ladies for all you support

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  1. ohhhhh how nice of you Ruthie I feel sooo flatter, wow thanks a lot for mention this in your blog