Friday, November 19, 2010

My 12 days of Christmas Cards day 1

Ok so I just noticed the other day that a radio station here town is already playing Christmas music.  I could not believe it.  That reminded me that I have a fun project to post. So with out further Adieu...........I am so happy to announce this is day 1 of my 2nd annual 12 days of Christmas cards.  This series was such a fun one last year, i just had to do it.  I will be posting every Friday and Wednesday (or as close to those as I can)  Until the 12 days are up.  You can leave a comment on the blog post or YT channel for your chance to win the 12 cards at the end of the series.  The more episodes you watch and comment on the more chances you will have to win.  Hope you all enjoy the series.


  1. I don't think the music that was listed was the music that was playing! lol Beautiful card Ruthie! Can't wait to see the next one! :o)

  2. love it! cant wait to see the rest :)