Friday, September 24, 2010

Latinas Swap Theme "Dia de los Muertos" mini album

Ok here are the partners for the first Latinas Mini album Swap.  Our theme this time around will be  "Dia de los Muertos"  I am so excited about this theme. I cannot wait!  Ok so please leave a comment that you have seen the list ladies and please be sure to contact your partner ASAP!
General Swap Guidelines:
1. The album must have at least six pages. If you want to decorate more pages, that's totally up to you!
2. The album pages should be no smaller than 4x4. Standard is probably 6x6, if you would like to go larger, that is totally up to you and your partner.
3.I hope to have a new swap each month.  Maybe not mini albums each time.  Perhaps a tag or an altered thing. Each month there will be a new sign-up posted. I will let you know via YT or PM when the next Swap is open. 
4.  Swap items should be in the mail to your partner no later than the 25th day of the month.
5. Please be considerate of all the swappers in this group.  I have been on the non-receiving end of a swap I think we all know someone who has.  When you put alot of effort into a swap only to get nothing in return or get it late.  It just isn't cool. I understand that life gets in the way sometimes, so please be sure to communicate with your partner or me early and often if there is an unforeseen problem that will delay your swap.
Ok now that we got the official stuff out of the way, here are your Partners ladies:
 LYDISANC21&; Linda @ Scrapchica

Ruthie@Scrapchicky & Karla@ Karlas001

I have one group of three
Gloria@ Gloriascraps2 will send a mini to Susie@Sillyshysushi
Susie you will make a mini for Nancy @PInk Bella Mia
and Nancy you will make your mini for Gloria @ Gloria scraps 2

I hope doesn't confuse anyone too much.  Please leave me a comment on this thread that you got your partner. Also if you will please email me so I can have a list of your email addresses.  My email is
Thanks ladies.


  1. You're hosting a mini swap Ruthie? Yay for you...and for all the other ladies! I can't wait to see all the lovely finished minis! What great fun! Are you doing a theme of any kind or is it "anything goes"? I'm so glad you're doing this and I'll have the fun of watching!...Nancy :o)

  2. Hi Nancy yes I am hosting a swap it is for a Day of the dead holiday celebrated in Mexico. it is going to be super fun. Hugs ruthie

  3. So funny! Right after I posted I saw the title and it clicked! Obviously a theme! lol

  4. ok missy...I sa got it! Woot woot! Muchas Gracias!!! =) Susi

  5. So Dia de los Muertos (Halloween) theme album =) Oh my! (((((nervous)))) I HAVE NEVER DONE a Dis De Los Muertos Mini!!! OMG!!

  6. It is going to be great. i sent a ,essage to your youtube account. I had a few questions for you before i start your mini.
    hugs Ruthie