Sunday, May 30, 2010


So here are the details of the sale happening on my website Starting on June 1st and goes thru July 1st
There will be 2 types of daily deals, goodie box days and Jackpot days.
On Goodie box days you can purchase one box filled with popular products at 50% or more off retail value!  Each goodie box day will feature different surprise items, so you can score a wide variety of current and recently retired products.

Then there is Jackpot days:  5 products will be offered for sale at discounted prices. One of the 5 products is the mystery Jackpot item for that day, but we're not telling which-Exciting isn't it!  If you happen to order the mystery jackpot item, we'll reward you with one or more FREE CTMH products.  If you purchase all 5 products, you're guaranteed to hit the jackpot! there's no purchase limit-if you order multiple secret jackpot items, we'll send you the same number of free items.
This sale is available only on my website 
As an added bonus I will be giving away an additional Box of Goodies, here are the details of my giveaway.  For every $30 you purchase from my website you will be entered to win the goodies. That means you order $60 then your name goes in twice, $90, three times. There is no limit to the number of entries.  The more you order the more you will win.  ***Special note for my Canadian Friends, For some reason U.S. consultant website do not have the ability to ship from the site to Canada. So you can email me your order at (item number, and price) and I will paypal you an invoice right away. When your package arrives to me I will send it off ASAP!**
Here is a video of the prize I am giving away as a HUGE THANK YOU to all my faithful customers here in my home town as well as all those of you who I have had the pleasure of meeting via the world wide web!

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