Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 days of Christmas day 11

Oh I am so sad this series is almost over :-( I hope you all have enjoyed watching the videos and that you have gotten some fun ideas for your Christmas cards this year. Please leave a comment I will be drawing a winner on Wednesday!!


  1. Me again! :o) I really love that 6X6 size card, although I've never made one that size! I'm really going to have to try it now! I love the patterned paper with all the bright colors! I also really like the scoring and inking you did on the white cardstock. The camera didn't pick it up that well but I can imagine what it adds. It was such a quick card to put together but so lovely! Oops...another long-winded comment...sorry! Feel free to edit!haha Thanks again, Ruth!...Nancy :o)

  2. I always appreciate your comments so sweet! I had to try all angles of my Desk to see what is the best foor viewing and in the end i think the view that you like has got to be the winner! Thanks again

  3. Oh I'm glad to hear that! This last one was better than the one before because some of the background was cut out and it was closer. I really did like that other one best, so I'm glad you agree with me! :o) I'm looking forward to the next video!